Our Mission


Nothing moves forward unless people have hope.

  • • Hope for themselves
  • • Hope for their families
  • • Hope for their communities
  • • Hope for their country

Many people in America have lost hope.

The purpose of this website is to encourage conversations and develop action plans

which will give people genuine hope for the future.

Nobody has all the answers.

But together, by engaging in an active role and taking responsibility

for the future of our communities and country,

we can re-imagine what America can be and what we can do

to give our current and future generations a better world

in which peace, prosperity, and human development flourish.


Celebration is a very important part of Hope.

There are more good things happening every day instead of bad.

But what we hear about mostly in the media are the bad things that are happening.

We need to celebrate the good things people and organizations are accomplishing

and which bring hope into our lives and the lives of people around us.

Share your stories of positive and hopeful things which you see or in which you participate

by clicking on one of the six “Hope Resources & Inspiration" or "Sharing Ideas" on the home page.