The Future

Survey Ranking of Priorities for a Better Future for Our

Families, Communities, Schools, Cities, States, and Country.

#1 Priority: Family well-Being: Living Wage, Family Friendly Workplace, Food Security, Affordable Housing, Educational Opportunities

#2 Priority: Racism, Sexism, & Rights: Civil Rights, Women's Rights, Gender Rights, Immigrant Rights

#3 Priority: The Economy: Jobs, More Equitable Distribution of Wealth, New and Better Economic Measuring Systems, Human Growth & Development Economy vs. Consumer Economy

#4 Priority: Health Care: For All Americans, More Cost-Effective Healthcare System, Public Health Preparedness

#5 Priority: Environment: Sustainability, Global Warming, Environmental Repair

# 6 Priority: Democracy 2.0: Voting Rights, Voting Turnout, Voter Suppression, Campaign Financing, Civic Education, Foreign Government Interference in U.S. Elections

#7 Priority: Big Data: Corporate Knowledge About All of Us, Untruthful Information; Conspiracy Theories; Cyber Bullying and Attacks

 What Ideas do you have to address these topics?

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In early 2021 Hope From the Bottom up conducted a survey among its readers to see what they thought were some of the more important issues and challenges which needed to be addressed by all of us to re-imagine and re-invigorate our democracy. We named it Democracy 2.0.